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How To Work On Custom Eyelash Packaging?

How To Work On Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Choose the Lashes Packaging shape and paper material Color you want.

We have so many choice for your choose from, such as Square Boxes, Round Shape, Diamonds or Hearts and so on.


Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging Box

Logo requirement on the Customized Lashes Boxes.

Do you need to print your own logo on the Eyelashes Box? If you have a logo, please send it to us. We recommend your logo printing crafts according to your logo pattern to make it more perfect on the

Eyelash Box.

If you don’t have your own 16MM Mink Eyelash logo yet, don’t worry. Our designers will design your own logo for you.

Private Label Custom Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Lashes And Packaging

nformation & position requirement on the Customized Lashes Boxes

The information of your 20MM  Eyelashes line include the Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and website and other social medias you want on boxes, just feel free to tell us.

Which side place and what information and data in which color on where position, that must be clear.

3D Mink Lashes Packaging

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

At Last, we will calculate the exactly price for you.

You only need to tell us what you think, the designer will confirm the stereoscopic effect to you after the order is confirmed.

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

If you are interested in our products,

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