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Wow! The Christmas-Themed Box Is Really Dazzling!

Christmas, which commemorates the birth of Jesus, is a traditional religious holiday. On that day and Christmas Eve, the Church commemorates the birth of Jesus by, for example, going to mass.

Not only that, but on Christmas Day, there will be many other activities, such as tasting all kinds of delicious food, receiving touching gifts, and enjoying the joy and excitement of Christmas with friends.

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From December 24th to January 6th of the following year for the Christmas season. During the festival, Christians all over the world hold a grand memorial ceremony.

Christmas is originally a Christian holiday,because people attach great importance to it, it has become a national holiday, the country’s biggest holiday of the year.

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People usually with red, green, white for the Christmas color, Christmas time when everyone should use the Christmas color to decorate.

The red ones have Christmas flowers and candles. The green one is the Christmas tree.

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It is the main Christmas decorations, with cut to the Cedar, Cypress and other Evergreen trees decorated into a tower.

It was festooned with colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, and lit with Christmas candles.

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Red and white make a lovely contrast to Santa Claus, the most popular figure in Christmas activities.

Before children go to bed on Christmas Eve, place a sock in front of the fireplace or next to a pillow, and wait for Santa to put the gift in the sock after they fall asleep.

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People will wear Christmas make-up, dress up as Santa Claus, Moose and so on to celebrate the festival. A perfect makeup look with  5D Mink Lashes will make your eyes even more attractive.

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